Mystery Raiders Midnight Robber Band

Walking The Talk ...

Mystery Raiders Presents: "WE FIRING A VOLL(N)EY - 34 GUN SALUTE

For Carnival 2013, in tribute to the great gunslingers of the Wild West, and perhaps the greatest of them all, capable of firing government ministers left right and centre, Mystery Raiders is proud to present "We firing a Voll(n)ey - 34 gun salute."

This year, we'll be bringing out our heavy artillery and coming out all guns blazing at high noon on February 11th and 12th, 2013. That by the way, is not a threat, it's a promise.

Any bandido brave enough to sign up with our political death squad can contact us at 756 5987/771 2761/ 3883923, email us at, or visit us on any given Saturday from 4pm, at 15b Hillside Avenue, Cascade, Port of Spain.

Mystery Raiders Presents "2012 THE MAYAN PROPHECY - The End of Their World"

Mystery Raiders hosts it's first official band launch on the 3rd January 2011 at our new Mas Camp at 15b Hillside Avenue, Cascade. Camp opens from 11 am, launch begins at 5pm.

Step out of the mass, Step into the Mas...

Why the Pyramid?

Mankind stood but a helpless witness to cycles of destruction for millennia from the forces of nature: wind, fire and earth and water would conspire to annihilate his every endeavour.
Amid hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, and wildfire, his eternal fascination was captured by one  natural phenomenon:
When dormant, filled with life-giving water  the active volcano demonstrates projectile rock sheer crushing power,
The suffocating presence of sulphur, and the incendiary capacity of molten lava,
 Both metaphorical stairway to to heaven and gateway to hell, volcanoes would become the dominant template for all representation of human power.

And thus the pyramids were built...

(to be ccntinued)

Mystery Raiders Presents "ROBBER NATION"


Mystery Raider Island is a prosperous bustling nation of 1.3 Midnight million Robbers. The Mystery Raider Island embassy is currently entertaining applications for additional naturalised citizens.

Applicants are required to show proof of their robbering activities, including, speeding on the shoulder, paying or accepting under the table payments for administrative services, unnecessary price hiking of basic necessities and carnival costumes, wanton waste or misappropriation of public funds, obtaining favour for friends and families through public office, abuse of the people's mandate etc

To enjoy the many benefits that are afforded to the Mystery Raiders, you will be required to take part in our annual two day invasion of the streets of Port of Pain on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th 2011. Your armor, equipment and rations will be provided as soon as your application is approved.

Please deposit your entry form (and requisite under the table payment) to or contact 756 5987/771 2761  before Carnival Friday 4th March 2011.


They want we to blow the whistle on corruption

Who better to share that bull pistle than a robber band?

I say listen up now chief

You done know that all ah we thief

But in dis robber nation

Only the one they ketch is the guilty one


           All the fowl thief, who steal legal brief,

           And all ah dem thiefing police

           Who build big flag and voter pad

           Welcome to the Robber Nation...

                                       Full Version available to Members on signup

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